Vaccines in Dermatology (Video), Course, Ebook and Quizzes (Newsletter: June 2021)

Video Presentation:
Vaccines in Dermatology
Featured course:
Telemedicine, Triaging and the Digital Hospital
Ebook on Psychodermatology:
Our Mental Health is currently under great strain. (Complimentary Ebook: LINK)
-Here is an ebook translated in 2017 written by a Hospital-Based dermatologist and psychoanalyst who used this approach to dealing with Skin Conditions otherwise unresponsive to treatment.
-This topic is back in fashion.
-It takes around 3 hours to read.
Quizzes on Linkedin + Posts on Telemedicine:
What is this ? + Dermatology / Digital Health Article

Quiz + Dermatology / Digital Health Article

Welcome to Contribute:
  -As you know the objective of this platform is to use digital technologies to educate and share knowledge in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine. This is done by increasing the number of contributors and audience in a strictly cost-free principle.
-If you would like to share a video presentations you believe are useful in the educational experience, please contact us. (as the other shared topics on Global Dermatology, practical applications are preferred)
-We will be setting webinars with contributors from around the world. Please let us know if you would like to participate.


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