Dermatosurgery: NMSCs and MOHS Surgery

Link to presentation: Click HERE

Presentation name: Non Melanoma Skin Cancer and Management with Mohs Micrographic Surgery presented by Dr Amor Khachemoune, MD (USA)

Presentation outline

  • Non Melanoma Skin Cancer
    • BCC and SCC: Knowledge reminder in a nutshell
  • MOHS surgery
    • History since first publication of the technique in 1941
    • Changes in names over the years
    • Indications (toward the end of the presentation
    • How it is done in practice: lots of images to help you undesrtand
    • Wound: should it be sutured or left to heal alone ? (visual)
      • Wound closure: flaps (visual)
      • Complications (visual)
  • This extensive presentation is of interest to healthcare professionals, although some of the content may be sensitive to certain viewers


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