Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health: Questions Moving Forward

  • While building that robust evidence base and showing proof of concept launching pilot studies, how can we move further along to this product in practice implementation of AI ?
    • That really depends on how we can demonstrate and showcase the value and impact of AI in Health.
    • Will these interventions offer us actionable information, usable information?
  • The value and impact of AI will depend on whether it brings solutions that are actionable:
    • Are they usable in the clinical setting ?
    • Are they meaningful ?
    • Will the AI-based intervention be equitable and accessible?
  • There’s a movement called “Democratize AI” that focuses on improving access and the democratization of power in artificial intelligence development and deployment.
    • Is this intervention fair, and does this intervention allow us to measure outcomes across the care cycle, and across different care settings ?
    • Will this intervention be generalizable and scalable, and lastly sustainable, so that it can not only benefit individuals, but populations as well.

Note that the presenter has used the concept of Augmented Intelligence instead of Artificial Intelligence. Please refer to the introductory article of this term.

Ivy Lee, MD. Augmented Artificial Intelligence in Dermatology. Core concepts and clinical decision making. 8th World Congress of Teledermatology, Skin Imaging and AI in Skin diseases – November 2020


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