Artificial Intelligence in Dermatology – AI (organised by the IADVL)

This seminar on Artificial Intelligence in Dermatology was held on February 2021 by the IADVL*. There are three presentations (see below for links).

AI in Skin Diseases

Application of AI in Dermatology by Prof Somesh GUPTA – All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi, India [LINK to presentation]

  • The impact of AI is more profound than electricity and fire.
    • In a survey 35years old seems to be the cutting point between a positive and negative view of AI….it’s not what you think !
    • Learning points:
      • Human vs machine reasoning. What applies to a doctor making a diagnosis ?
      • Resistance from many in the medical community
    • AI plays a role where pattern recognition is important: which specialties does this apply
    • Presentation of the publication in JEADV published in Feb 2021 Pangti R el al. A machine learning-based, decision support, mobile phone based application for diagnosis of common dermatological diseases.
      • Causes of poorer performance
      • Accurate very well in skin cancer, but not yet well in inflammatory dermatology.
      • Very accurate when the top 3 differential diagnosis’s added and not just the top diagnosis.
    • Publications comments:
      • BCC diagnosis machine-learning vs dermatologists & non dermatologists
      • Covid19 recognition of skin rashes using ML
      • Review of literature

Artificial Intelligence for the Medical Professional by Mr KUMAR Sharad – New Delhi, India [LINK to presentation]

  • Learning points:
    • Which medical specialties publish the most ?
    • Regulation for AI in Health (Diagnosis, Validation, what is a device) ?
    • New AI in Health tools validates by the FDA
    • The hype cycle of digital health
    • How to validate an AI solution into healthcare (validate in silico – validation in the real world and implementation in healthcare)
    • Algorithmic bias and data biases
    • Technology advances: taking an example from cars
    • The model developed and how it learns and improves from an engineers perspective.
    • Practical solutions

AI friend or foe by Dr Venkataram Mysore – ILDS** in Bangalore, India [LINK to presentation]

  • Learning points:
    • AI is everywhere an dermatology is no exception: list of changes
    • Advantages of AI
    • Lancet: the fate of medicine in the time of AI: what does it mean to be a doctor. When will it become so powerful. Is it that predictable ?
    • Progress of AI in Health: where we are and where do we hope to be ?
    • Role of clinicians and data scientists in the development of solutions using AI
    • Uses in Dermatology, dermoscopy, dermatopathology
    • Apps for consumers
    • Apps for diagnostic aids
    • Apps for treatment settings for lasers for example, surgery, hair transplantation, injection of fillers.
    • Diagnosis: VisualDx
    • Fear and Pessimistic views. Are these true ?

*IADVL: Indian Association of Dermatologists and Venerologists

**ILDS: International League of Dermatological Societies


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