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3 – The information provided in this website is accurate and has been prepared by dermatologists. However medical science changes quickly and valid information at one time may become outdated. We urge the reader to take this into account. Under no circumstances shall the authors/owners of this website be liable for any injury.

4 – The decision of doctors/dermatologists to use information on this website is a personal one and does not engage in any circumstances the authors/owners of this website.

5 – There are outward links from this site to third party sites. While we check them periodically, no garranty can be given that the links work at a given time.

6 – We do not give medical advice for non-patients.

7 – The restricted area is reserved to Healthcare Professionals. By logging in, you declare under your own responsibility that you are a healthcare professional (doctor, nurse, community health worker…) and are legally linked to your personal login information. Global Dermatology cannot be held responsible for fraudulous logins, and this includes sharing of login information. 

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9 – We reserve the right to update terms and conditions. By using the service, you agree to the current terms and conditions.

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