An Introduction to Psychodermatology and Psychocutaneous Disorders

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The skin and nervous system both come from the ectoderm embryologically

This is a comprehensive 45-minute introduction to Psychodermatology.

We recommend to watch this presentation cutting it in parts as it brings an accurate overview of what makes Psychodermatology…there is a lot to learn.

Presentation structure

  • definition of psychodermatology
  • skin conditions with psychological component:
    • psoriasis
    • atopic dermatitis (sorry for the 2 minutes “freeze”)
  • Psychiatric disorders with an impact on the skin (Psychocutaneous conditions) (Primary psychiatric disorders)
    • Delusions of Parasitosis (Ekbom’s disease)
      • The madbox sign !
    • Dermatitis Artefacta
    • Trichotillomania and other induced hair disorders
    • Obsessive-comoulisive disorders (OCDs)
      • Hand washing
      • lip picking
      • liplicking
      • Nail bitting
    • Skin picking and skin cutting
  • Skin conditions inducing Psychiatric Disorders (Secondary Psychiatric Disorders)
    • Acne Excoriee
    • Vitiligo
    • Alopecia Areata
  • Management approach in Psychodermatology
    • Why patients often refuse to be referred to a psychiatrist
    • Medication
      • Depression caused by Dermatologic medication (isotretinoin for example)
      • Psychotropic drugs used in dermatology
      • Treatment of psychiatric symptoms
    • Complementary therapies in Psychodermatology (eg acupuncture)
  • Measurement of Quality of life (DLQI)

Presented by Professor Mohammad Jafferany, MD (USA) and the World Skin Health Day in Guinea, 2021


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