Mental Health and Dermatology in Extraordinary times (Ebook)

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This pandemic is driving us crazy !

  • We all know that skin conditions, especially chronic ones, are influenced by the central nervous system.
  • Stress is a known exacerbator of eczema and psoriasis severity for example.
  • Those dealing with skin conditions experience the influence of Covid19 daily. Fear and Anxiety is what is shaped everything:
    • Skin conditions tend to worsen
    • there is an increased self-awareness concern about personal appearance: look at the Zoom-induced boom in aesthetic demand for medical procedures (invasive or not)

Mental Health

  • A colleague who is a psychiatrist told me a few years back that stress is something to start of in the diagnosis of mental disorder: depression, anxiety, mood disorders, sleep disorders just to name a few.
  • This article aims to introduce an ebook about psychoanalysis. While I believe dermatology treatment is science, I must admit that there are so many failures in the successful management of skin conditions, that I am open to finding solutions in complimentary and alternative medicine, provided that they are safe and proportional.
    • It takes years to become a psychanalyst AND a dermatologist !

Ebook for all Audiences

  • In 2016, I met an extraordinary dermatologist and psychonalyst in Paris. She has worked most of her life (she must be in her nineties now) at the world famous Hôpital Saint Louis to treating dermatological diseases using a Psychoanalytical approach.
  • It is truely visionary from her – and the book was a bestseller in the early 2000s. It had then fallen out of fashion these last few years…coming back with anger with the pandemic, and in my opinion here to stay.
  • The book was edited in its French version by a linguist to be easy to read and takes around three hours.
  • The book is available on Kobobook (free) and Amazon (USD9.99)

Finding Solutions using Digital Health

  • When a skin condition is diagnosed go for the medical treatment; but don’t ignore the mental aspect.
  • This book goes quite into depth, but is an easy read for everyone.
  • Simpler is the The take home message: the brain and skin share the same origin, and are closely interconnected.
  • We are exploring simple digital solutions in mental health, and by registering, we can inform you of the progress.


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