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EADV virtual 2020: Eczema / Atopic Dermatitis – Some Takeaway Messages

Attending conferences can be for two reasons, learning and networking and although the conditions are quite particular because of the pandemic, I attended two sessions* where I have something to share.

-Eczema / Dermatitis in Africa how common is common ?

-This study from the Regional Dermatology Training Centre in Tanzania show that close to 40% of patients of all ages attending the clinic present with an inflammatory dermatosis. Of those, more than 80% have eczema (dermatitis). (Fungal infections make up around 15% percent of conditions followed by scabies and bacterial infections (both 5%): altogether these conditions make up over 60% of conditions seen). Study and Graphs below by Drs Aakash Varma and Doriane Sabushimike; please note that the pediatric disribution of diseases has shown to be somewhat different also at the RDTC: link)

-The atopic dermatitis severity (burden of disease) could be measured by the degree of happiness. (JEADV abstract selected by Professor Ring)

-Music appears to be a psychosomatic moderation tool against Atopic Dermatitis. (JEADV abstract selected by Professor Ring)

-Fetal Meconium Exposure has a protective effect on the Development of Dermatitis in Childhood (JEADV abstract selected by Professor Ring)

*International Alliance of Global Health Dermatology (GLODERM), and the JEADV Editors Picks of the Year (Prof Ring)


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