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Digital Health in the Digital Economy

The following article is from Foraus, the Swiss Think tank on Foreign Affairs. The introduction is here below and the full article as well as the webinar can be accessed by clicking on the links. (authors: Christophe Hsu, Isabelle Hilali, Akarsh Venkatasubramanian, Megan Diamond, Moritz Fegert):

What role do digital health technologies and health data exchange play in helping the global community in its fight against SARS-CoV-2 and other pressing global health challenges? foraus contributed to this debate by convening experts and the general public to a virtual reflection on the Covid-19 crisis and existing opportunities in the field of digital health through its Think Tank Talk event «Health Data Exchange in Times of Covid-19». The event brought a series of lessons, which we would like to share through this written contribution. Our key take-away: if necessary framework conditions and mechanisms are created, digital health technologies can and will unfold their full potential and play a facilitating role towards the achievement of universal health coverage by 2030….further reading on LINK


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