This month’s selection of presentations: SAUDIDERM Meeting (2021, 4th edition) (2 of 2)

Nail psoriasis: Differential diagnosis (LINK)

  • Presentation by Dr Nejib Doss, MD
  • Nail psoriasis is found in 16 to 80% of individuals with psoriasis
  • Useful presentation which displays its clinical features:
    • pitting (number of pits matters!)
    • pseudo-pitting
    • onychomadesis
    • trachyonychia
    • leuconychia
    • apparent leuconychia
    • red lunula
    • subungual hyperkeratosis

…and of course the differential diagnosis.

Clinical and therapeutic pearls in dermatology (LINK)

  • Presentation by Professor Mark Lebwohl, MD
  • Topics:
    • Pruritus in the elderly: changing antihypertensive medication.
    • Lichen planus: a therapeutic pearl when nothing works !
    • Ostomies: recognising pyoderma gangrenous among other peristomal ulcers.
    • How to speak to patients: pregnancy, “parents alive.”
    • Topical anesthetics: safety, redheads, allergies to novocaine, sodium chloride
    • Patients who always answer yes: think of retrobulbar dysuria !
    • Patients who don’t shut up – use a thermometer !


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