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This month’s selection of presentations: RDTC Annual CME (2021, 26th edition) (1 of 6)

This year’s conference, was no exception to the live events. It was a great learning opportunity and I’ll share presentations which I found interesting.

Opening remarks by Dr Claire Fuller (IFD, ILDS): LINK.

  • images from previous years.
  • presentation of the RDTC 301 graduates from 17 countries.
  • awards to the leading graduates.
  • presentation of the International Foundation of Dermatology – par of the ILDS.
  • DermLink prizes: grants of up to 5000 dollars.
  • Community skin journal: call for articles.
  • presentation of GLODERM: international alliance for global health dermatology.

Cutaneous effects of traditional psychoactive substances: LINK

  • Presentation by Dr Scott Norton (USA)
  • What is a traditional psychoactive substance: alcohol, tobacco, tea or Khat, the latter of which is commonly used in Tanzania ? What are their effects on hair, teeth, nails and skin.
  • In this presentation Skin signs of Psychoactive substances are shown and the focus is being made on two common substances in The South Pacific and South East Asia: Kava and Betel respectively with ichthyosis and Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

Advances in HIV treatment and prevention: LINK.

  • Presentation by Dr Nwokolo, Nweka (UK)
  • Global HIV transmission persists (1.7 million infections) despite the antiretroviral treatment programme.
  • UNAIDS “90 90 90” targets: east africa doing well put varies among countries.
  • diagnose -treat-prevent.
  • Ways of prevention: combination prevention.
  • PrEP studies (pre-exposure prophylaxis).
  • HIV treatment pipeline.
  • Different PreP modalities.
  • Stigmatization: the need to address this.
  • No vaccine here !


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