Psoriasis and Teledermatology

  • Inflammatory skin conditions are well-suited for Telemedicine in Dermatology: Psoriasis
  • The first study (JAAD 2018) showed that followup online evaluations and in-person visits were similar and have improved quality of life for patients who have used cell phone store and forward teledermatology.
  • The earlier studies (JAAD 2012 for example) were limited by small sample size, subsequent randomized control trials with robust samples. However they came to the conclusion that Psoriasis, “store-and-forward” was as effective as in-person management.

Advice for picture taking:

  • adequate lighting to properly visualize the entire rash.
  • Make sure that there is no glares or shadows.
  • Use a solid background without patterns.
  • The image should be free of artifacts, tell the patients to take their jewelry or shiny watch or things like that.
  • Avoid altering the images using filter, especially if it is coming from the patient. Instagram or Snapchat filters make it look good, but bring confusion.

Reference: Trilokraj Tevasvi, MD. Making online decisions inflammatory dermatoses. 8th World Congress of Teledermatology, Skin Imaging and AI in Skin diseases – November 2020


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