Teledermatology in the UK: from “Heretical” to Mainstream

  • In the early days, the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) was somewhat skeptical about teledermatology, but the situation has totally changed now and very general acceptance of where this should fit in is part of our service provision.
  • BAD statement: “Teledermatology should be seen as a tool that can be used as an adjunct for clinical and educational dermatology services. It should compliment rather than replace standard face-to-face consultation. And, where possible, it should be used as part of an integrated dermatological service.”
  • Providing Good Teledermatology:
    • The “Quality Standards for Teledermatology”, published eight years ago, is still a very useful resource: They included the best information available at the time: LINK
  • It includes recommendations, such as for pigmented lesions, images should include the dermatoscopic images also.

Saul Halpern, MD. Teledermatology in Europe. 8th World Congress of Teledermatology, Skin Imaging and AI in Skin diseases – November 2020

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