Health Solutions using AI : “Ground Truth” vs “Gold Standard”

  • In much of the Artificial Intelligence subset called machine learning (ML), the term “ground truth” is used – this is a concept that allows us to assess the accuracy and how well we meet the objectives of a machine learning algorithm during supervised learning.
  • This is not to be confused with the “gold standard” of medicine.
    • Much of medicine is gray, and so there’s not always an exact diagnosis or a treatment plan and a gold standard suggests a best treatment.
  • However very often, we apply the the art of medicine to a given situation for a given patient and we use as much evidence as possible. Thus, for much of medicine, there still is a lot of empirical data and treatments.

Note that the presenter has used the concept of Augmented Intelligence instead of Artificial Intelligence. Please refer to the introductory article of this term.

Ivy Lee, MD. Augmented Artificial Intelligence in Dermatology. Core concepts and clinical decision making. 8th World Congress of Teledermatology, Skin Imaging and AI in Skin diseases – November 2020

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